Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Hello World

I finally got around to creating a blog (after a lot of nagging!) so that I can share some of my work as it is being created! I hope that my ramblings will give you an insight into the way I work and will, I hope at least sometimes, be interesting.

Its a new thing for me so bear with me as I get to know my way around.

...In the meantime, "here's one I did earlier!...."

This painting is called "Girl With a Pearl Earring" (tongue in cheek after the Vermeer painting of the same name! Yes she is wearing pearl earrings!) It was painted using reference material gathered at the Golega horse fair in Portugal. This week long Horse festival is an absolute must for anybody at all interested in the Iberian breeds, The whole town of Golega is taken over and every available space is turned over to stabling in courtyards and even rooms in the actual houses! From dawn to the early hours literally hundreds of magnificent horses are paraded and shown off by their owners, it is a jaw dropping experience and one I will never forget. In the centre of the town is in place of a market square a large areana with a dirt track all the way around it. Here the horses parade and competitions and displays take place late into the evening. I will certainly return one day!