Friday, 28 September 2012

No Three - Colossus

Have had trouble getting back to the easel for one reason or another since my trip to Somerset.  
But I had such a good time meeting with like minded PRE enthusiasts and collecting lots and lots of reference materials for a new set of Spanish Horse paintings! More on that later! 

Posting number three in the "daily" paintings series, where I get to experiment and paint whatever I fancy! It is also a great way to start the day, before moving on to the larger piecesthat I am working on. These pieces are all (so far) in acrylics which is a new medium for me. Or at lest one that I used a little when I was younger but could not get on with. Now I am really enjoying learning about the paint and how it handles and how to mix the colour palette I need.
This little one, 5" x 7" is a miniature shetland called Colossus, and belongs to a lovely lady called Debbie Wright who kindly allowed me to use her photo. Thank you Debbie. I loved the challenge of the unusual angle and soft colours, and enjoyed trying to capture this little chap's character so close in. 
Debbie amongst many other things, - she is a talented lady! - breeds these cuties and you can see more of them on her blog, Hericus Miniature Shetlands

Number Three "Colossus" 5" x 7" Acrylic on panel £55 plus £1.99 p&p

Each painting is signed, and on the reverse it will be numbered, dated and titled. You can buy via paypal either through your own account or just using a credit/debit card. Your painting will be carefully wrapped to keep it safe and posted to you. If you wish to pay by another method, or if you are outside the UK and want a quote for postage or have any questions please do contact me by email
In the event that two people buy the painting using the buy it now button the first person to purchase will be the new owner and I will make a full refund to the other party immediately I am made aware of the problem. I hope this will not happen but if it does my apologies.

Monday, 17 September 2012

No 1 New Beginnings

Okay this is the very first of my new adventure with small "daily" paintings. I felt it was appropriate to choose a Welsh Cob as Number 1!

Very nearly fell at the first hurdle this morning as I could not decide what to paint! Took totally forever faffing about trying to decide! Note to self, get sorted out exactly what I am going to paint the following day before I pack up and leave the studio for the day and leave it out ready!

Anyway, for good or bad here it is. I found it very difficult to adjust to working this size, it s a tiny 5" x 7"

Number 1 "Welsh Cob Study" 5" x 7" acrylic on panel

As promised all of these little works will be available at very competetive prices, each one is signed, and dated and numbered and titled on the reverse. Postage is at cost of £1.99 You will recieve your painting wrapped n cellophane and bubble wrap in a jiffy bag to protect it in transit.
Any questions or to arrange alternative payment please email me

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Just thought I would add a picture testing the email subscribe! This post will be removed!


Well its been a strange year for me, lots of the shows I attend with my artwork have been cancelled because of the weather and I have been in an unproductive state of limbo. I finally seem to be shaking myself out of it, to be truthful I have been pretty depressed at times and have spent a lot of time soul searching and asking myself if I am really following the right path with my art.
It is I suppose partly to do with the fact that I support the family with what I do. Sometimes that gets a bit overwhelming! The temptation to get a  "proper" job? is frnakly appealing at times like this! I am so lucky that I have a job that I actually love doing, and I should quit moaning about it, I know I know! But it is very scary sometimes!
Having decided that giving up is not an option - not at my age, LOL, and if truth be known I am probably pretty unemployable these days :-) but that is another story..  I have decided that I will use this blog to challenge myself, and in doing so share my journey. I can procrastinate with the best of them and find all manner of excuses why I am not doing stuff, so by " going public" I hope it will instill that extra discipline I seem to need! I hope that it improve my working practices and maybe even help or inspire one or two others along the way.

So from now on I will mainly use this blog to post small works. My intention is to create at least three a week, I don't want to bore you all stiff with a daily offering, and besides I don't think I could keep it up!!
Keep checking the blog as I will be starting the journey and giving more details very soon!

Still Life "Blue and White" oil on board