Saturday, 14 January 2012

A New Year Beckons

Well, that was a miserable failure! The blog petered out in April despite best intentions. My apologies to my followers. I did manage to keep up with my facebook page! But honestly...
I tend to convince myself that I don't have anything interesting to say.. maybe I don't...its certainly easier for me to write bite sizes comments about my work on fb that to commit my thoughts to a blog. I do know that my life is going through a time of considerable change.
Maybe it is something to do with getting older. I am starting to realise that experiences and opportunities are slipping by.
Its not a cliche that we do have to take what opportunities life sends us and grab it.
I don't intend to be looking back as an old woman saying to myself I wish I had done this or why was I not brave enough to go for that.. Okay maybe it is a mid life crisis!
Plans for this year are to continue to explore and learn. But most of all to make use of everyday.
Happy New Year Everybody!

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