Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lampeter Stallion Show and Barley Saturday

Kicked of the new showing season in April with visits to Lampeter Stallion Show and Cardigan's Barley Saturday Parade.
Despite the horrible weather in the morning and numbers of entries and spectators being down at Lampeter Stallion Show we still had a good day, and I have lots of new material to work from, there are two or three new works already in progress and these will be unveiled very soon!

Barley Saturday and the weather was kind and the sun shone for the parade through the town. Again numbers of horses and ponies was down but there was a large and enthusiastic crowd lining the streets, it is such a buzz to actually run up the high street with a horse and hopefully I will be doing it again in the future, but for this year I just spectated, which felt quite odd! Got some lovely reference material for traditiional coloured horses and again there are a couple of pieces on the easel. Or rather stacked up around the studio awaiting my attention.

In the mean time here is a link to Mili Peel's website, well worth a visit as she takes some great pics of Welsh Cobs and ponies. She also has a new site advertising Welsh Stallions.

Below are some of the paintings that resulted from my visits to both these shows last year. I think I am really going to enjoy this year too! Please keep an eye out for the new work.

Tyngwndwn Daniel

Glanvyrrnwy Temptation



Horeb Tomboy

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