Thursday, 13 September 2012


Well its been a strange year for me, lots of the shows I attend with my artwork have been cancelled because of the weather and I have been in an unproductive state of limbo. I finally seem to be shaking myself out of it, to be truthful I have been pretty depressed at times and have spent a lot of time soul searching and asking myself if I am really following the right path with my art.
It is I suppose partly to do with the fact that I support the family with what I do. Sometimes that gets a bit overwhelming! The temptation to get a  "proper" job? is frnakly appealing at times like this! I am so lucky that I have a job that I actually love doing, and I should quit moaning about it, I know I know! But it is very scary sometimes!
Having decided that giving up is not an option - not at my age, LOL, and if truth be known I am probably pretty unemployable these days :-) but that is another story..  I have decided that I will use this blog to challenge myself, and in doing so share my journey. I can procrastinate with the best of them and find all manner of excuses why I am not doing stuff, so by " going public" I hope it will instill that extra discipline I seem to need! I hope that it improve my working practices and maybe even help or inspire one or two others along the way.

So from now on I will mainly use this blog to post small works. My intention is to create at least three a week, I don't want to bore you all stiff with a daily offering, and besides I don't think I could keep it up!!
Keep checking the blog as I will be starting the journey and giving more details very soon!

Still Life "Blue and White" oil on board

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